On this page you will find a compilation of chapter summaries created by Graduate Students in Kutztown University's Digital Classroom Technology Master's Degree Program studying and discussing the latest trends in K-12 Distance Education.

The following 16 chapters are summarized from the online text entitled, "Emerging Technologies in Distance Education," edited by George Veletsianos. Available at:

Chapter 1 A Definition of Emerging Technologies for Education by Adam Ousley

Chapter 2 Theories for Learning with Emerging Technologies

Chapter 3-Imagining Multi-Roles in Web 2.0 Distance Education by Caitlan Becker

Chapter 4 - Applying Social Networking Tools and Web 2.0 Approaches in Distance Education by Kelly Boushell

Chapter 5

Chapter 6 -Developing Personal Learning Networks for Open and Social Learning by Ann S.

Chapter 7 - Creating a Culture of Community in the Online Classroom Using Artistic Pedagogical Technologies by Scott Exaros

Chapter 8 - by Mike Cawley

Chapter 9 - Personal Learning Environments by Candace Steinhofer

Chapter 10 - Learning Design, and Emergence: Two Case Studies of Moodle in Distance Education by Chip Carnes

Chapter 11 - Institutional Implementation of Wikis in Higher Education by Peter Hornberger

Chapter 12 - The Use of Web Analytics in the Design and Evaluation of Distance Education by Melinda Bender

Chapter 13- Video Conferencing & Distance Learning by Bobbi J. NyeNote: My computer does not save in PDF.

Chapter 14

Chapter 15-
Technical, Pedagogical, and Cultural Considerations for Language Learning in MUVEs By Stephanie Petta

Chapter 16
Animated Pedagogical Agents and Immersive Worlds: Two Worlds Colliding summarized by Holly Armbuster

The second set of summaries includes chapters 6, 9 and 10 from the online text entitled, "Mobile Learning : Transforming the Delivery of Education and Training," edited by Mohamed Ally. Available at:

Chapter 6: M-learning: Positioning Educators for a Mobile, Connected Future
Kristine Peters by Rebekah Menk

Chapter 9 - From E-learning to mobile learning: New opportunities by Scott Smith

Chapter 10-FromMobilED-Mobile Tools and Services Platform for Formal and Informal Learning